Our Mission

Unite our world through acts of service and environmental stewardship.

Not bound by land nor sea, Mermaids Without Borders inspires a wave of change to educate the public on climate issues and sustainable every day solutions to promote healthy ecosystems and thriving communities. 

Passion Projects

People want to help, we want to make it easy. 

From clean ups to tree planting, MwoB organizes resources to expand opportunities for more humans to explore, enjoy and co-exist in both urban and rural environments.

If the problem can get worse, it can get also better. 

Together we will champion programs, policies and personal habits to conserve our land, protect our water, defend our air and enrich the lives of all. 

River & Beach Clean Ups
Reforestation Project
Community Gardens
River & Beach Clean Ups
Reforestation Project
Community Gardens


Established in 2015, Mermaids Without Borders began as a way to motivate the next generation to fight climate change today. 

But the more time we spent on land and out of the water, the more problems we became aware of. What started with a clean up, led to tree planting, which inspired us to support various community gardens, as well as raise awareness and funds for a number of social impact campaigns. 

Researchers have found high amounts of microplastic pieces in all five of our Great Lakes, which provide drinking water for up to 40 million people, but because microplastics are so small and so prevalent in our freshwater systems they easily make their way past most water treatment facilities.

2019 is the Year of Clean Drinking Water

Mermaids Without borders is working to permanently remove microplastics from the shorelines of the Fox River, which flows directly into the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Samples will be used in an ongoing operation to urge local and state municipalities to seriously address this issue.

Cassandra Oceana


As a community organizer, Cassandra Oceana takes a stand for a number of environmental issues through the magic of encouragment and creative problem solving.

"I personally grew up with Smokey the Bear, so in my heart of hearts I believed I could prevent forest fires. But when I had children of my own I realized that they didn't have a spokesperson to help prepare them for all the environmental travesties they will undoubtedly inherit. And with that, Mermaids Without Borders was born."

2018 recipent of the Wisconsin River Alliance, "Water Hero" award.